Integrated Logistics Support - ILS

Proxagon specializes in characterization, specification and implementation of integrated logistics support programs (ILSP):


  • Operational concept definition and definition of concept of maintenance / service.
  • Characterization and writing of operational manuals.
  • Characterization and writing of test procedures and maintenance / service manuals.
  • Characterization and construction of infrastructure ( training infrastructure, maintenance and laboratories infrastructure and other).
  • Characterization and writing of training literature and training computerised packages.
  • Analysis and definition of tools and aids for training and maintenance.
  • Analysis and definition of inventory levels of spare parts against concept of maintenance / service over the life of the product. and actual procurement.
  • Design, development and manufacturing of automatic test equipment for maintenance.
  • Characterization and implementation of system field implemetation processes.
  • Specification, development and implementation of maintenance lab vehicles.
  • Characterization of disposal processes at the products end of  life.

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